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Doggone Good! to the Rescue Program
This program partners our store and your organization or club by holding a special event to fundraise for your organization.  There is no monetary outlay and we do almost all the work.   We give you a special link for your shoppers to enter; all you have to do is get supporters (and all their friends and family) to come through the link and 10-20% of sales will be donated to your group (see below). 

See below for specifics on how the fundraiser works.  There is no monetary outlay for your group and almost no time on your part.  Our webstore offers a broad range of products and interests, from top quality training gear to scrapbook paper, and any dog lover (or someone shopping on their behalf) will find things they would be pleased to purchase.  A percentage of the sales will be donated to your organization on a sliding scale:

Sales             % Earned
$100 -  $499        10%
$500 - $2499       15%
$2500+               20%

Here is how it works:

Doggone Good! and your organization will work together to select the dates for your event (a standard fundraiser runs a week).  You will be provided a special link to the store that is just for your organization’s shoppers.  This link is necessary to track purchases towards your donation so it is crucial to make sure your shoppers come through the link.

We will design a special welcome page for your organization’s event.  On this page we will explain how the fundraiser works, and can offer your logo or art printed on mugs, water bottles, luggage tags, jewelry, mousepads and more.  This section will also show Special Order items available for your group (see below).

We will provide an electronic flier with the link for your shoppers.  You can forward this on to your email list, or design your own.

Our store normally sells only what is in stock and this is the only "tricky" part of the equation.  Since it is not possible for us to predict how much traffic a fundraiser might bring or what items might be popular, and our normal business will be ongoing when a fundraiser is being held, we can't control stock when a fundraiser launches.  In order to help with these issues, fundraisers will allow two special situations:

Special Order Items: Many of our most popular and readily available items will be available as Special Order items.  Shoppers can order as many as they wish (the store will disregard stock quantities), and we will place our order with the vendor when the fundraiser is finished.  These items will be noted as Special Order and usually require 3-4 weeks to ship.  (Shoppers can choose to hold the order to ship complete or have in-stock items shipped right away and special order items when they arrive for an additional shipping fee).

Raincheck Items: If an item is out of stock (and is not available for Special Order), shoppers can request a raincheck.  If the item is restocked within 60 days, the store will email the customer a link to the product.  If the shopper returns to purchase that item, the entire shopping trip will count towards sales for your fundraiser.

If your organization is holding a trial or dog walk or community special event, starting your online fundraiser on the same day (or day before) and handing out fliers to attendees is a great way to launch your fundraiser.  People can go straight home and check it out while they are still up and enthusiastic about the event they just attended.  We have found that sales that are announced by emails work best when the person can click and go right to the sale.

We believe that this program can grow to be an ongoing event that can be planned for and looked forward to by your supporters.  It is a wonderful way for Doggone Good! to be discovered by new people while giving back directly to the dog community.  (We are happy to hold fundraisers for causes other than just dogs, and in that way connecting dog lovers to the world at large and other important health and social concerns).

Please contact Elizabeth at office@doggonegood.com or phone 408.297.1599 with questions or to plan a fundraiser.

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